Refer a Child

If you are a Social Worker, please click HERE.

If you are a private party, wishing to place a child, please consider this criteria for exclusion.  It does not mean that the child will be excluded from Eagle Rock services, but will be important for determination of placement.
ERBR Reasons for Exclusion
Does the child:
  • Have significant substance abuse problems which require intensive treatment
  • Have a history of sex offenses who have not completed a sex offender treatment program and/or have not been deemed "not to pose a serious risk" by a recognized sex offender treatment professional
  • Require health care beyond routine medical attention for minor health problems
  • Exhibit fire setting behaviors that are planned with an intent of injury or destroy property
  • Exhibit active psychotic symptoms and pose a risk to self or others
  • Have an eating disorder that poses a medical risk
  • Has a history of enuresis or encopresis with smearing of feces
  • Exhibit impulsive behaviors to the extent that there is clear and persistent inability to maintain physical safety
  • Have a chronic history of running away and becoming involved in situations where serious injury has occurred or is highly likely to occur
  • Exhibit homicidal or suicidal intent with a plan to carry it out
  • Exhibit recurrent and/or severe self-injurious or suicidal behavioral and have not been deemed by a qualified child care professional to be free of risk in the absence of one on one supervision
  • Chronically, deliberately or impulsively cause major property damage while in a structured setting
  • Have a well-documented chronic history of cruelty to animals
  • Exhibit behaviors which place the community at risk over and above the a for-mentioned behaviors
Once you have read over these criterion, please refer to our ERBR Forms  page for the necessary paperwork that must be completed and submitted before we will be able to review your case.
Please mail your completed forms to:
Eagle Rock Boys' Ranch
Child Referral
PO Box 570
Attalla, AL  35954
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